Friday, July 28, 2006


By and by, the minutes fly. Compounded by daze. Exponentially phrased. Rather, frayed. Split end to the right. Got you in my sight. Makes me wonder what's down under. Looking, searching, coming up for air. Do I dare? Derriere? Shake it, shake it. The sugar's free. On the reef or wharf - rats. Cats. Meow. The apple of my brow. Pasteurized. Just past your eyes. There. To the left. No, my left. Cleft. Lip. Slip. Drrrrrop. Don't stop. Funky hip hop. Rise to the top. Carrot. Share it. Sell it to the butcher in the store. Ya whore. Ravage. Cabbage. Smells like... teen spirit? Cheer or jeer it. Just steer it. Away. From here. Everclear. Lemon. Drrrrrrrrrrrop. Isn't she gorgeous? Later.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

wang bang doodle

all night long - sing me a song - piano man. biddy biddy bop - woo hoo - choo choo. come on and ride it - slip slide it - away. from here - where the only thing that's clear, is the arbor mist - god, how i miss - her.

-Never Endin-G

Monday, July 03, 2006

Will It Ever Stop?

Yo - I don't be knowin-G

Random 5

If at first you don’t succeed, try the other pen. And if, at last, all else fails, breathe and count to ten.

-G-unit of measure

Random 4

Come around here, don’t you no more. Quick jab. Pun jab. Another slab on the side. Let it ride. Sally.


Random 3

Spoken word? Seems oxy-moronic. Soul refreshing? Barely colonic. Poetic? Prophetic? Pathetic? Surely Shirley. Just don’t call me.


Random 2

A turn for the stranger, this blog has taken. A place for rearranging and not mistaking - the noun for the verb or the grass for the herb. The free associating, lyric-concatenating, thought-stringing-togethering, mind-altering, reflectering, mirror into my married mind. For all to see.



Fly me to the moon. Moon me on the bus. Drive me home. Tonight. Tonight. Feelin’ alright. Feelin’ almight-y. I just might see. Light-ly. Down the tunnel. Along the tracks. Squinting. Could it be? Yes. Home Sweet Home. Alabama.

-Peacin-G out