Sunday, January 27, 2008

Partly Cloudy

Partly sunny, partly shade...
As the cold wind blows, my memories fade.

What once was clear and crisp as a fall breeze,
Is now muddied at the bottom of a pile of leaves.

Rake and claw to the recesses of your mind,
Open the window to your heart and find...

Buried beneath the darkness and despair,
Lies the core of a soul no worse for the wear.

So the next time you find yourself falling to your knees,
Get back up, exhale and see the forest for the trees.

-Willard G. Scott

There's No Time Like the Present...

And there's no greater present than time.

Time may heal all wounds,
But it won't keep you in your prime.

What I wouldn't do for an extra hour a day,
I'd do just about anything, that is, but time.

Even a stopped clock's right twice a day,
So why must the punishment fit the crime?

There's a time for every season,
But in winter you can't grow thyme.

So let's all live in the moment,
And cherish the light that's lime.

-Life is a G-I-F-T