Saturday, September 16, 2006

Precipitation precipitated the perks of perculation

Jimmy crack corn and I don't care. Had a kernel with the Colonel with the mustard hair.

Looked him in the eye. Saw only that I... just didn't care.

Kinda makes you wonder. With all the stress that you're under. Where?

Never before seen and never again been... a has. A razz, a dazz. And all that jazz.

Lightly sweetened, lightly salted. Put the brakes on the breaks until we halted.

Stopped right there. Still without a care. Paid the man a fare and began the affair.

It felt good and it felt nice. Like chicken soup with rice served over ice.

I had a ball, told the bitch I'd call. Then out came the fall as I hit the wall.

Still not a feeling I could understand. Why didn't I care that I was half the man?

I used to be... gleefully and full of glee. Just couldn't see...

The dogg from the dogged. The water from the logged. The hogger from the hogged.

The bishop seized the night. Knowing he was right. Gave the queen a fright. Before moving out of sight.

Keep it in check, mate. Don't darely tempt fate. Can't hardly wait to lift the weight off my plate.

So take a load off. Put it on me. That's me caring... hardily.

Closing time is here. And though the feeling's near. I nearly saw clearly the path to the clear.

When I get there, I fear, I'll fare-well enough to care. Until then I'll keep an ear to the air.

That was corny,