Friday, June 01, 2007

Where were you?

Where were you when the planes hit the tower?
Counting each minute, hour after hour.

Where were you when JFK's death bell tolled?
Taking in the sun and view from the grassy knoll.

Where were you when we invaded Vietnam?
Still protesting the dropping of the Atom Bomb.

Where were you when the market crashed?
Speakin' easy with a cig dangling ash.

Where where you when independence was won?
Flying a kite out of site with no powder in my gun.

Where were you when push came to shove?
Soaring like an eagle on the wings of a dove.


G-whiz baby pleez...

Let me take you to an island with a sweet cool breeze. You don't feel like driving baby hand me the keys and we can mmmmmmmm, put your mind at ease.

Put my mind at what? Put my mind out where? Like I'm playing with you brother and your jerry curl hair. C'mon mon - it's the island we seek. Where the players play and the women are meek.

Sensatiable, insatiable, fellatiable, you know my game's no bull.

Try me, die me, wine me and dine me - kick me in the eye and I might try to fly me... to the moon. Benvenido, a Miami.

Like I care about my hair,